Mark Adams is now of counsel to NR&S

Mark and his team handle workers' compensation claims on a daily basis with the BWC and before the Industrial Commission. They have successfully helped thousands of injured workers over the years.

Our firm also works with a wide network of other attorneys who specialize in the following legal matters including social security, employment law, Americans With Disabilities Act, Family Medical Leave Act, probate law, and real estate.

Claims in which a person is fatally injured -- obtained a million dollars in settlements for the death of a seven year old boy in northwest Ohio

Claims against employers who deliberately disregard the safety of their employees -- obtained numerous six figure settlements against defendants in Hamilton, Montgomery, Clermont, Shelby, Franklin, Belmont, Ashland, Tuscarawas, Summit, Stark, Cuyahoga, Erie and Lucas counties in Ohio.

Injuries sustained in car accidents -- numerous six figure settlements throughout Ohio including one involving the death of an elderly woman in Richland county.

Harm by defective or defectively designed products or medications -- obtained millions of dollars for people injured by presses, saws, lathes, dicers, mixers, valves and many more machines, equipment and components.

Claims in which a person is harmed on the construction site by general or independent contractors -- including hundreds of thousands of dollars for an individual who slipped on a threaded rod and one who was run over by earth moving equipment

Injuries caused by inhalation of harmful chemicals or other substances or from coming into contact with them -- including a six figure settlement for a man sprayed with heated cleaning solvent

Personal injuries to railroaders -- obtaining six and seven figure settlements and judgments for railroad workers in over 20 states

Injuries caused by negligent medical treatment -- including a six figure settlement for the death of a man as a result of negligent emergency room care

Injuries to coal mine employees -- including six and seven figure settlements for employees injured in this dangerous work